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Is Shopping Fun Anymore?

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“Whoever said money can't buy happiness, simply didn't know where to go shopping”. But in today’s digital world, going shopping is more complicated than ever. Technology has ushered in a endless supply of niches, where everything is available at any time. Shoppers no longer have a ‘where to buy’ problem, they have a ‘what to buy’ problem.

To prove successful in this new world and stop participating in a price based race to the bottom, retailers must double down on one of their traditional strengths: their ability to tell stories around product and deliver experiences.

Why, then, do so many retailers adopt a function first approach to their use of technology? Why is emotion secondary to efficiency? Why do so many still fail to capitalise on the huge power of interacting with each and every one of their customers? Take a look at the catalogue, list-based approach adopted by so many and then ask yourself: Is this fun? Am I compelled to repeat this experience? Does it even count as an experience? The answer is probably no. If customers simply want the greatest efficiency, then it is probably Amazon every time.

In this keynote “Is Shopping Fun Anymore?”, Daniel unveils a new approach that allows retailers to fight a battle they can win; to weaponise interactivity, storytelling and gamification right at the heart of their digital strategy, whether in store or in the palm of the customer's hand. It is time to make your digital shopping experience compelling, rewarding and even addictive.

The keynote distills the learnings from thousands of disruptive retail technologies around the world, recent retail initiatives as well as the key learnings from a forerunner and undoubted leader in creating digital experiences, the video game business.

“Is Shopping Fun Anymore?” will challenge your thinking about how and why emotion must be placed at the very core of your digital strategy, whilst providing you with the key tools to make it happen. It will be one of the most important keynotes you will hear this year.

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Understand how to build emotional connections digitally and master interactive storytelling, both in store and online. 

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Learn how to use gamification as your secret weapon to fight a battle you can win. Gain repeat customers, greater sales and build your community.

The Retail Power of "We"


Retailers are challenged like never before by an ever-greater digitalisation of their business. Initially penetrating their systems and processes, it is increasingly reshaping the entire customer journey. Faced with generations of digitally native shoppers, a new type of retailer is already emerging. In contrast, those retailers who are unwilling or unable to adapt face an increasingly uncertain future.

Digital and brand are now intertwined like never before, with most retailers becoming technology companies whether they like it or not. As the range of disruptive and highly innovative solutions explode, so too does the level of technical complexity.

In this keynote, "The Retail Power of We”, Daniel addresses one of the core skills that retailers must address urgently to be successful. The power of collaboration.

The keynote proposes a step by step framework that retailers can either adopt fully or use to gauge their current progress. The system draws upon best practices, both internal and external, seen across thousands of challenger brands versus their incumbent competitors. Noteworthy real-world examples underscore the various teachings and are used throughout. Emerging trends are considered.

With its inspiring tone, "The Retail Power of We” keynote will leave its audience motivated to take action and capitalise upon one of the most exciting periods of change in its history.


Learn digital transformation skills needed by retailers.

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Gain a step by step framework to achieve best practice.

Game Changer


Facebook, Google, Uber, Airbnb, Amazon, ASOS – companies that were unknown just a few years ago yet have gone on to change their industry and, one might argue, the whole world.  They all share at least one thing in common; they are united by founders who can firmly be considered as game changers.

Are such people born or made? What are their special powers? What does it take to be a game changer? How can retailers learn from and then mirror their incredible successes?

These are some of the questions and more that the "Game Changer" keynote seeks to address. Daniel draws upon his own experience as someone who was thrust into the limelight with a single idea that would go on to change an industry (pioneering in game advertising, now an $8 billion global market). He combines his access to thousands of disruptive retail tech entrepreneurs from around the world to highlight the themes and capabilities that such individuals and organisations demonstrate and can, indeed, must be learned.

The keynote focuses its learning to the challenges currently faced by retailers. It proposes a detailed roadmap that can be adopted by any CEO or senior executive to ensure that their organisation is best placed to emerge from a period of meteoric change and establish itself as a leading force...a winner...a game changer.

With its motivational tone, the Game Changer keynote is about inspiring change and making tangible progress, in the belief that it is within everyone’s gift to be the game changer.

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Learn the skills that you and your retail organisation need to become a game changer.

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Understand the latest themes and capabilities as demonstrated by retail game changers from around the world.

Bespoke Keynotes

We are always pleased to design a custom keynote around your specific brief.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirements and we can advise whether we are a good fit.

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Custom content created around your audience.

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A keynote built specifically to your brief.

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